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Enjoying aromatherapy with Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser NZ - Dark Mountain NZ by D:FUSE Aromatherapy

About Us

As a mother of two daughters, I have been trying to use natural products as much as I can. For example, when the girls got lice when they were still seven or eight years old, I was very hesitant to use a harsh chemical lice shampoo on their little heads. So I quickly searched online, created a solution using Tea Tree Oil, vinegar and hair conditioner and treated my girls by spraying the solution and combing their hair. And the nits were gone completely after a few treatments.

At D:FUSE Aromatherapy, we know you are the kind of people who want to use natural products as much as possible in your daily life. In order to get optimum results using aromatherapy, you need good quality products you can really trust. 

The problem is some diffusers and essential oils available on the market are made cheap and of low quality, which makes you feel disappointed and frustrated. 

We believe we should be able to buy high quality aromatherapy products with confidence and trust. That’s why we are committed to offer the premium quality aromatherapy products at affordable prices and are constantly on the hunt to improve our range of products. 

So shop here at D:FUSE Aromatherapy and start enjoying optimum quality aromatherapy experience!

D:FUSE Aromatherapy

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