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Kerry Sinclair

D:FUSE Aromatherapy has been a God-send to me this Christmas. I saw the beautiful aroma diffusers and I thought they were so attractive I bought one on the spot. It arrived very quickly, and I loved it, so much that I decided to get one each for the children. Delivery was quick, emails were prompt and helpful, with kind suggestions to make things easier for me. I would recommend this company to anyone. Purchased - Light Mountain Diffuser NZ

Dunedin, NZ

Makiko Kunitate - New Zealand Language Centre

Shin & Evonne really understood my needs and provided excellent services. For my company order, they went the extra mile and placed our branding on the individual essential oil bottles. The presentation and quality of the aroma diffusers was amazing. When we delivered the diffusers, all of our business partners were very impressed. Thank you so much to the team at D:FUSE NZ for inputting us such a great idea and also providing excellent services.

Auckland Central, NZ

Emma Khieng

Honestly couldn't give better feedback on the essential oil diffusers. The product is awesome and came out of the box looking like a fresh loaf out of the oven if you know what I mean ?? Looking brand spanking new and packaged well. Looks and works way better than the other versions I have seen. Excellent ultrasonic oil diffusers!  Fast NZ shipping.

Masterton, NZ

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