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Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser: what is it and how does it work?

Many of you may have seen or heard about ultrasonic essential oil diffusers. However, how they actually work can be confusing for some. During our time at fairs and festivals, we would get many customers complimenting on the visual appearance of our diffusers, and were mostly associating them with dispersing wonderful aromas in their rooms. Apart from that, many were confused - and some unaware - of what a diffuser actually was and how it worked. Common questions included: “How does this work?...

August 25, 2020

Should I use my essential oil diffuser during the winter months?

Ahh winter, it is well and truly upon us. The cold, damp and rainy season can be miserable and gloomy, but it doesn’t have to be! There are many things to look forward to, such as a nice hot dinner after work, binge watching your favourite TV series, knitting, getting through your books (great excuse to stay in bed), and of course, turning on your diffuser! Diffusers are a great way to get your home smelling great this winter. But aside from just producing a great scent, there are many other b...

June 9, 2020

Using essential oils as a cleaning agent? Recipes inside!

During this NZ COVID-19 lockdown, our diffusers have been running non-stop and one thing that popped in to mind was using essential oils to clean around the house. In our local supermarkets, we have found that certain cleaning products are low on stock and considering that the whole country is on lockdown, others may be facing a similar issue. Whether it’s your favourite cleaning agent that’s out of stock, you’re not wanting to line up at the supermarket or you just have lots of essential ...

May 5, 2020

How diffusers and diffusing can help you sleep and relax

Diffusers can be used throughout the day, and it is a great way to use your essential oils. But what many people don’t realise is that it can be used at night too! Using diffusers are great at night if you’re having trouble relaxing, sleeping or just stressed from work in general; it can assist in winding down and helping you get some rest. With this said, the type of essential oil that you use in your ultrasonic oil diffuser matters. For example, you don’t want to be using a nic...

April 22, 2020

Diffusers in the home office - Working from home in NZ

In recent times, more and more of us are working from home. Whether it be because of improved efficiency or social distancing requirements, it has somewhat become part of the new normal here in New Zealand. Speaking to different individuals, we have found that some are finding it difficult to focus on their work and projects in their home offices. We thought, why not try out your aromatherapy diffuser in your new workspace? Using diffusers and essential oils is a great natural way to boost energ...

April 15, 2020

Types of essential oil diffusers: Which one is best? What are the differences?

There are many ways to use essential oils. One of the best and most popular way is through diffusion. In the past, people would use heat to diffuse essential oils, but nowadays, diffusion is simpler and gentler via diffusers. There are many types diffusers in the market here in New Zealand, but what are the different types and how do they work? In today’s post, we will be covering four types of diffusers: the ultrasonic diffuser, nebulizing diffuser, essential oil burner/diffuser and evaporati...

November 21, 2019

Lavender essential oils: 8 great benefits!

Lavender! Essential oils have been around for centuries, and arguably the most popular and commonly used of all time would have to be lavender. The word ‘lavender’ is believed to be derived from the Latin word “lavere” which means “to wash”. In the historic days, it was believed that the Romans had used it as a perfume and in baths. Nowadays, you will find lavender-scented products ubiquitously in stores, for example in pillows, hand creams, gels, soaps and the list goes on. The lave...

March 27, 2019

How do you set up and use an essential oil diffuser? Bonus Video!

We have had many customer enquiries regarding the proper use of essential oil diffusers. Today, we will go through step-by-step on how to use our water-based D:FUSE NZ diffusers and in our next blog we will go through the cleaning process and maintenance of diffusers. There are many types of ultrasonic essential oil diffusers, ones that run on battery, ones that run via a USB port and ones that simply plug into the wall. The ones we have here at D:FUSE NZ are run via electricity which means you ...

October 1, 2018

Is it safe to consume essential oils?

Ingesting essential oils? It’s a no from us. Besides inhalation and topical application, ingestion is another way to use essential oils. The ingestion of essential oils is one of the hottest (and controversial) topics in aromatherapy. Some companies and aroma-therapists will say “yes”, while others say “no”. There is often a lot of confusion surrounding this topic and it is a question which we believe may not have a definite answer. Because of that, we have decided to write a short blo...

August 12, 2018

What are essential oils? How do they work? And essential oil buying tips!

What are essential oils? Essential oils are aromatic compounds/particles that are extracted from plants. They can either come from the leaf, root, stems, bark or seeds of the plant and are usually extracted via steam distillation. For citrus oils such as lemon and grapefruit, it is the rind that is cold pressed for the oil. It is important to know that 100% essential oils are very strong and potent. They require a large amount of plant matter. Arguably the most popular essential oil of all time,...

June 20, 2018

10 Benefits of Essential Oil Diffusers

I'm sure many of you have come across a variety of aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils recently. If you know your stuff, this post may just be a reminder of how great an aromatherapy diffuser can be. If you’re new to aromatherapy, you’re in for a treat. Essential oils have been around for thousands of years and the benefits are endless. Spreading this goodness into the air is essentially what an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser does. It disperses the essential oils via small molecules ...

March 15, 2018

How to clean and maintain your ultrasonic diffuser.

Ultrasonic diffusers are a great way to spread essential oils in your room, office or studio. They are safe, quiet and create a relaxing atmosphere. With all that said, one aspect many users forget about when they use their diffuser is the cleaning and maintenance of the diffuser itself. Cleaning your ultrasonic diffuser regularly is a must; it prolongs the life of your diffuser and decreases the chance of essential oils clogging up the ultrasonic plate. It is better to spend a bit of time to cl...

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