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Fractionated Coconut Oil - NZ 100 ml




Fractionated coconut oil is an excellent colourless and odourless carrier oil that is great for massages and aromatherapy. It is loved by many individuals as it makes the skin feel smooth and silky without clogging up the pores; it doesn't give you the greasy feeling like many other carrier oils. It is also easy to wash off. Fractioned coconut oil is clear and stays in liquid form unlike whole coconut oil which hardens easily when the temperature drops. Palm free.

Recommended concentration: 
Different essential oils will have different potencies. As a rough guide, we recommend 4-5 drops of essential oil per 10ml of carrier oil.

This product is intended for external use only. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
Please store all carrier oils away from heat and light, especially sunlight to prevent the oils from going rancid. Our carriers oils and essential oils are bottled in brown bottles to protect them from sources of light which will help the oil last longer.  Please note that most carrier oils can stain fabric and linen. 

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